If you are contemplating a new commercial or multi-residential development, but are unsure where to start, our development team offers the expertise and guidance to address all your pressing questions and set your project on the right path. At CGV Group, we set ourselves apart in the development space by leveraging the strengths of our development, design, and construction teams. Clients benefit from a seamless one-stop shop experience as the developer, the designers, and the contractor work together under the same roof – providing a comprehensive solution that covers every aspect of the project lifecycle.

Multi-Residential Housing

The CGV Group is one of northern Ontario’s premiere multi-residential housing developers having delivered over 600 housing units across the region in the past decade.

We collaborate with non-profit and for-profit housing providers, as well as governmental entities to develop high-quality multi-residential housing facilities that span a wide range of types, including senior, affordable, First Nation, supportive, transitional, and community-based housing. Our team guides clients through every facet of the development process, from financial modeling/structuring and feasibility studies through to land acquisition, securing financing and funding, and more – all while prioritizing the vision and long-term viability of the project.

1 McLeod Drive Apartments comprises 30 units, all featuring two-bedroom suites

Commercial Real Estate

At CGV Group, we specialize in the development and long-term ownership of commercial real estate in northern Ontario.

With a growing portfolio of properties that includes hotels and standalone retail stores, we are always on the lookout for new development opportunities that contribute to the growth and prosperity of the region. Through our built-to-suit services, we simplify the process for tenants by seamlessly managing every step, from leasing to project design and construction. That means we are there to help find the right location, streamline permits and approvals, and ensure that the doors open on time.

Travelodge Hotel - Marathon