Peter Sutherland Sr. Hydro Station Powerhouse


Peter Sutherland Sr. Hydro Station Powerhouse


New Post Creek, ON





The powerhouse building was constructed as part of the Peter Sutherland Sr. Hydroelectric Development project led by Ontario Power Generation and Coral Rapids Power. The 12,000-square-foot structural steel building houses two 14-megawatt horizontal axis water turbines, two synchronous generators, and a 100-tonne capacity overhead crane. By channeling water from the New Post Creek through a 250-meter penstock, the powerhouse building, situated along the Abitibi River, harnesses the force of water flow to rotate the turbines and generate clean, renewable electricity.

Included in the contract was the delivery of several auxiliary buildings to support the operations of the hydroelectric development project, such as a spillway intake building, an intake gate hoist building, and an electrical service building.